Who I Am
Hello and welcome. I’m Gabriela, a seasoned Costume Designer Assistant, Stylist Assistant & Costume Buyer based in London with over 12 years of experience in advertising and movies. I aim to ensure that my Brazilian joie de vivre, stylistic taste, creative flair, and practical knowledge make production processes easier on the Designer, Costume Department members, and the Production Team.

I’ve worked with some seriously talented Directors from Brazil, including Andrucha Waddington, Breno Silveira, Mauro Lima, Claudio Torres, Carol Jabor, Julio Bressane, Mini Kerti, Toni Vanzoline, Paulo Wainer, and Pedro Becker.

I have a BA (Hons) in Fashion Design and got into Costume, because what I enjoy the most is to research into the styles and construction methods suitable for different time periods, scripts, and characters in print, film or digital media.

What I Do
I help Costume Designers to break down the script and manage to give them many outfit options by supervising the creation, purchase, or hire of costumes. I make sure that the expenses meet the production budget and everything is right on schedule – overseeing the fittings, the workshop, and the Costume Department organization.

I’m always ready to bridge any communication gap between the Designer and staff members, saving everyone’s time, keeping priorities straight, and busting misinformation. I can naturally handle crisis, bad moods, and complaints in a smooth, professional manner.

I have a full EU driving license and can promptly manage shopping expeditions and the transportation of wardrobes to sets or locations.

I’ve helped great Costume Designers reach their goals. Want to be the next? Contact me via form or email. I would like to hear about your project and ideas.